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05|31|08 - 23:35 - small icons update
# Kitty is shy
# 27 icons - Supernatural and various actors (Lost, Heroes, TWW etc.) [20 requests] all shareable because my flist is great like that.


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05|29|08 - 18:37 - 100x100 offering
# Kitty is shy
Hi you'll.

In an effort to grab my icons muse and make her come back to me, I'm going to offer icons. The rules are easy.


# link a picture in the comments - better if it's high quality;
# tell me if you want colors or black & white;
# tell me if you want a caption;
# tell me if you want to share your icon or not.


# make 1 icon based on your picture.

Ask away, you know you want to :)
# Kitty is shy
#12 From Supernatural 3.09 [Dean and Sam]
#39 Women of Supernatural [for halfamoon]
#14 Stock

No teaser due to possible spoilers:

12 icons from Supernatural, episode 3.09Collapse )

Do not backscroll if you haven't seen episode 3.09!


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01|19|08 - 21:15 - update: textures only
# Kitty is shy
# 3 sets of textures (2 sets 100x100, 1 set large]


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# Kitty is shy
I hope the New Year found you all well. I'm back with something, actually, this is last year's work. Never finished it before the madness of Christmas holidays. Besides, it wasn't festive material...

There will be an update soon with icons and new textures, I'm terribly overdue, I know, but I'm working on them. Thank you for hanging in there.

Title: The End
Fandom: Supernatural
Character: Sam
Spoilers for All Hell Break Loose Pt. 1
Thanks to big_pink for looking it over and pointing out things the weren't quite right.

eta *facepalms* I forgot the preview:

...Collapse )

Feedback of every kind much appreciated.
# Kitty is shy
# 4 sets of textures + 2 large (various size)
# 20 spn icons (first four episodes of season 3)
# 5 misc icons (women)



...Collapse )

icons preview:

...Collapse )
# Kitty is shy
Title: Birth
Author smilla02
Character: Dean Winchester
Ratings: PG-13

You are in the water the lake and seas
As you are in the land the rocks and hills
You are in the seasons birth love and life
As you are in the seasons fish fruit and game
Together in the name of all creation.

[We are the Same - S. Joyce]


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# Kitty is shy
#24 Supernatural (+ Jensen, Jared and Jeffrey Dean Morgan)
# 1 500x600 Header/thing Jared and Jensen
# 1 Impala (= me feeling romantic)
# 3 textures sets (+ medium and large textures)

textures preview:

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# Kitty is shy
Sometime ago, big_pink started posting her new Supernatural fanfiction, Fire in the Hole. The story is now finished and this is just my way of showing her how much I've loved it. The cover seems simply inadequate to the story, but anyway, I did it. Hope you like, darling and thank you for another amazing ride.

...Collapse )

Soon there will be two new sets of textures for you all. In the meantime if you are SPN fen don't wait a moment to read the story. Nope, not even a moment :D
# Kitty is shy
# 1 Jensen fanart
#11 spn icons
# 3 sets of textures (icon sized and large)

(You all can blame le_mot_art and discolore (or better, their respective owners) for my first dip into textures-making. Complaints can be adressed there any positive feedback can be left here :D)


Jensen Fanart: (also known as me fangirling the man)Collapse )

spn iconsCollapse )

textures: black and white, watercolors, grundge-ish

texturesCollapse )
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